Jacky Fraser does not adapt well to change. Starting middle school, meeting new people, new teachers, new classes, tons of homework; why do things have to be so hard? Jacky was always the confident one, the guy who always did great in school, sports and video games is suddenly floundering around at school like a Neanderthal. Then, as things are about as hard as he figures they can get, Jacky's mother gets sick, very sick. Now there is no part of his life that is as it was including, he discovers, his relationship with his father. Jacky's family had pretty well always revolved around his mother. She planned things, kept everyone busy and was the central point in their little family. Now Jacky had to spend more time working with his dad around the house, he discovers his dad is distant, short tempered and - almost- a stranger. 

Jacky knows the worst thing that could happen is to have a relationship like his father had with his grandfather. His dad grew up in boring school after his father "dumped" him there when his own mother died. Jacky was certain this would be the end for him and he knew, he had to find a way to connect with his dad, to prove himself. But how?

The answer came as suddenly as it was bewildering. Bagpipes - an ancient instrument that Jacky knew nothing about and had never seen became the key to saving his relationship with his father. All his has to do now is find some and learn how to play them. 

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