Lies, Damn Lies, and Facebook

I admit to being thrown - and angered- by the latest (2018) news of Facebook's complicity in providing some underhanded data gatherers with a gold mine of information on almost everyone who uses Facebook. Up to now I believed the worst they could do with the information Facebook provides was try to sell us things. And they do that with alacrity. What I didn't realize was the level of damage they could do, and yes I am one who believes any system designed to influence and determine the outcome of an election (any election) is wrong.

Once my outrage cooled and I could take a less angry view of things, I evaluated the benefits of using Facebook from the point of view of an author. Social media is one way of keeping in touch with fans and potential readers but it is only one of many ways of doing so. It also requires that the readers and fans WANT to be kept in touch with. An author can advertise the heck out of his/her upcoming book with the only benefit going to Facebook shareholders. People don't generally buy from Facebook or Twitter ads and they don't want to be hounded by ads in their feeds.

So, my Facebook experiment is done. With no net results and a plethora of other options to keep in touch with people, including this website, I am off Facebook. I am keeping my Twitter feed for now but don't expect to see a lot of activity from me. I'm mostly reading others on my feed. 

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