Your Life Story, what is this Fantasy or Fiction?

My autobiography is taking a very long time to write. I'm waiting for some better material.

But seriously, I have been starting, deleting and restarting this personal little project for a few years. each time I come up with a new idea for a chapter a voice in my subconscious asks why anyone would want to read it and I hit the wall - again.

Why would anyone want to read about your life? Do you have anything to say that is so unique and/or entertaining that others will put their lives on hold to find out about yours? 

i think you know the answer. The real question is, how do you write about yourself in the same way and with the same passion and imagination as you do for your fictional characters? 

The answer is actually easier than you would think. Most of us try to be accurate, respectful to others, and clear on the events. This is where we suffer from the opposite problem of most fiction writers: our characters and the story line have too much detail, because we were there to gather it in our heads and we really want people to believe it is true. Well, less is more. We will believe what you say if you give us less detail but in an entertaining or visual way. 

Write your personal story the same way you would a fictional work. What are the story elements that will grab the reader? Who are the main and supporting characters? Is this a comedy, a tragedy, do you beat the odds and win or is this a poignant, bittersweet tale or growing up? Describe your setting and action, plot points and the big question: why would anyone care about this person/persons and what happens?

That line is what usually kills my interest in writing an autobiography, but it shouldn't. Most of us can talk about incidents that happened that will make people laugh or feel sad. If you're s writer, you have to know how to do this.

Maybe writing their own story is the best challenge a writer can face.