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Me locked out of the Writers Museum in Edinburgh.

Me locked out of the Writers Museum in Edinburgh.

Two things I didn’t expect...

...when I started writing fiction: I never thought I would get a book published, I’m just too pessimistic to think I might succeed at something as wish-upon-a-star as that; or that anyone would ask me for writing tips. Well, both happened, one repeatedly and the other only once – so far.

Of course, there is no reason to write a manuscript, short story or any other creative work unless you intend for it to be presented to the public somehow. Even if it doesn’t actually happen, you don’t plan to fail, you work with the intention of succeeding and give it your best shot. Anyone reading your writing will assume it is your best work and will not make excuses for you. If it is poorly planned out, poorly written, not edited or spell checked, no one will say “it’s not bad, considering where you are in your career. You must have lots of potential, sign here.”

That's why we call ourselves writers even when we haven't yet been published. That's okay, you can do that, just  don't say you're an author if you haven't published a book. That's all I ask. 

Full disclosure, I am not a best-selling author but I have been a full time, working writer for over 20 years. I worked for several years as a freelance writer in broadcast television, corporate communications and academia. I have had one book published, which was orphaned two years later when the publisher closed shop, then republished under my own name (yes, I am a self-published author). My short stories have been published on the web and I have contributed a short story to a collection published by the University of Alberta. Even though I have had several other novels “considered” and “really liked” by agents and publishers, there have been no new publishing contracts as of this writing. I hope to change that soon. But I have crossed the threshold from wannabe to published author, so I get to keep my membership card. 

As to the second item on my agenda: writing advice, I love to share my experiences, both failures and successes with new writers. I don’t pretend to have all the answers but I do have suggestions, useful ones. .  

I’m going to write a few pages with advice, anecdotes and discussion points in this section as time permits. Remember these are my own examples, my own suggestions, not a formal class on how to write. You can find those anywhere, in fact I will include several links to a few good sites and courses that I know of on the pages..

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