Might as well be on Mars...

YOUNG ADULT (Out of Print)

Sixteen year old Jacky wants to get out, to get away from the endless gossip and social media chatter at high school. He loves science and tech, and he has a chance to get away and study overseas in a school that specializes in the subject. He is obsessed with this plan.

He is angry too. He feels betrayed by his father. For four years, after his mother died, Jacky and his dad had worked to build a close relationship based on trust and honesty. Now his dad wants to throw all that away and focus, instead, on his new wife. Jacky is hurt and frustrated with this deception. He knows he has to get out and go far away from the pain that is eating him inside.

Unfortunately, before any of that can happen, Jacky is stranded high on a mountain side with a group of others when their plane crashes. They have very little food, no radio or cell service, and no safe way down. Now Jacky’s real challenge is surviving. 

A Death of Cold is an enjoyable young adult novel that incorporates love, life, and a whole lot of adventure.
— CM Magazine